My One Day Juice Cleanse with Jusu Bar

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One Day Juice Cleanse

A One Day Juice Cleanse in Partnership with Jusu Bar

My insight from a One Day Juice Cleanse I recently completed thanks to Jusu Bar located locally here in Calgary and also Vancouver. I’m sharing why I enjoy cleanses, how this One Day Juice Cleanse works, and my complete honesty in how I felt afterwards, what I liked and  disliked about this cleanse.

Jusu Cleanse

Why I like Juice Cleanses

This is all MY personal opinion of course. I am 100% honest in what I’m sharing with you here and I will start off by saying first and foremost. I don’t believe in doing juice cleanses for the sake of weight loss, I won’t get into it, I just don’t think they need to be about that.

Does science back up the actual benefits on whether or not juice cleanses are beneficial in detoxifying the body and vital organs, I don’t actually know. I have read information on both sides.

I like them for the following reasons:

  • I don’t always make the best food choices, especially as a food blogger. after a few months I often feel heavy, groggy, lower performance. I find juice cleanses help reset and energize me. I usually feel more energized (usually after I do a 3 day cleanse) more mental clarity and just overall general health.
  • I personally feel I get a good mental reset from them as well. As a personal trainer and someone who tries to eat healthy it is not always the case, and I get stuck like many other people do. Committing to one day of juicing helps reset my mindset and I feel more compelled to keep it up after I’m done or jump start my good habits again.
  • I just straight up enjoy them, I usually get my husband and my father involved and it becomes a small challenge we do together. We laugh and joke about whether or not it’s possible to juice cheeseburgers and we encourage and support each other.
Jusu One Day Juice Cleanse

How This One Day Juice Cleanse Works

This One Day Juice Cleanse includes 6 different juices to consume throughout one day. They are all labelled on the top telling you in which order you are to enjoy them. They are all made from organic, all natural whole foods, and are locally produced. I started with the first one when I woke up and continued to drink them about every 2-3 hours after that. I only sipped on water throughout the day, I did not eat or drink anything else.

Juices from first to last: (descriptions used from the Jusu Bar website)

  • Must Be Nuts: Made with Almonds, Dates, Vanilla, Cacoa & Vancouver Island Sea Salt (Legit tastes like Chocolate Milk!) As described on their site, the cold-pressed, raw, unpasteurized almond milk has superior cellular absorption which helps with the efficiency of the other ingredients in creating optimal health and energy
  • Emerald City: Made with Aloe, Bell Pepper, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Parsley, Spinach. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and micronutrients, it’s described to decrease appetite, increase metabolism & improve overall health
  • The Classic: Apple, Beet, Carrot, Celery, Ginger, Lemon, Romaine. Just the right balance of sweet and spicy. This one said to improve performance and overall blood health, while helping to lower blood pressure
  • Green Machine: Apple, Ginger, Cucumber, Kale, Lemon, Parsley, Spinach. Although both were enjoyable, this was my favourite of the two green juices, I’m guessing because of the sweetness of the apple. Jam packed with nutritious greens, vitamins and minerals, huge flavour and health benefits.
  • Hawkeye: Apple, Carrot, Lemon, Orange, Turmeric. I once completely turned my juicer orange from juicing turmeric, it was impossible to get off and for this reason along I would buy this one. It’s also listed as:
    • Benefitting the immune system, which is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs, defends people against germs and microorganisms that may lead to infections and/or disease.
    • Great for reducing inflammation at a cellular level and keeping inflammation under control.
    • All ingredients are high in antioxidants for cellular repair & disease prevention.
    • All ingredients will help with increasing and sustaining energy levels for an increased metabolism
  • The Double Jointer: Almonds, Dates, Cardamom, Turmeric, Ginger, Vanilla, Vancouver Island Sea Salt. I think this one was my fav! It was like a creamy cooled golden milk, and I will definitely be trying this one again and I felt the fullest after enjoying this one. Probably because it is mentioned as being an optional meal replacement, or good post-workout, and has anti-inflammatory properties

How I felt Afterwards

I felt really good during and afterwards. Was it life changing? No. But it was only for one day and I think it served it’s purpose well. I felt lighter, more awake the following morning and it gave me inspiration to continue in trying my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle following. All in all a good short, and very manageable reset. I would definitely do the One Day Juice Cleanse again, probably even the 3 day cleanse!

One Day Juice Cleanse

Likes & Dislikes


  • They were all DELICIOUS! There wasn’t a single juice out of the bunch that I felt I need to choke back which I find is usually the case with juice cleanses (there’s always one, lol)
  • They also had a great texture to them, they weren’t too thick or too thin, I often find if I buy them opposed to making them at home, they’re sometimes too thin
  • I wasn’t super hungry, they were pretty satisfying and I wasn’t dreaming of stuffing my face with pizza the whole time, ok maybe once or twice 😉
  • You can opt to pick your cleanse up OR have it delivered right to your doorstep
  • I feel the price was fair at $60 CAD (though it was gifted to me), I’ve paid for other cleanses and I’ve done my own at home (which is actually more expensive I found and VERY time consuming)
  • It came in a small and tidy box that fit perfectly into my fridge, unlike 37 lemons and 18 bundles of celery…
  • These products are also all locally produced which I liked as well. I always enjoy supporting local businesses.


  • I wish that there had been more information provided on what the different juices were for and what purpose they serve. As someone who juices periodically, I kind of have an idea based on the ingredients but if it was my first time I’d like to know more I think. They are all listed out on their website, but a breakdown included with the cleanse would be nice.
  • There also wasn’t any real direction on when to have them, but since there’s 6 of them I guess you could assume one every 2-3 hours after the first one when you get up in the morning

This cleanse was a gifted product from Jusu Bar and some of the information in this post is sourced from their website. The thoughts and options shared are 100% honest and mine!

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Jusu Juice Cleanse


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