Overnight Paleo N’Oats

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Grain Free - Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Paleo

Now that I’ve given you some ideas on how you can prepare yourself for the week with some easy to prep lunches I figured we should dig into that one meal, do they still call it the most important meal of the day? I personally think every meal is important but I think breakfast can be the most difficult for most. For a lot of us breakfast is a meal squeezed in between getting our families and ourselves ready for our busy day, IF we even get to squeeze it in.

I work from home and I’m rarely rarely rushed in the mornings but I still find getting a wholesome breakfast in for of nutrition dense foods a struggle. I usually always have a tea with collagen and herbal potions and I find sometimes that while I’m sipping on that, preparing our little guy’s breakfast (because he is very specific right now about what he will and will not eat, so it’s usually different from us), feeding the dogs and cleaning up after everyone that I’m either past the hungry phase, or my body ‘thinks’ it’s full from my tea with additions.

so I decided to add breakfast to my meal planning for the week and two things happened.

1. I had a filling, nutritious and healthy breakfast ready to go this morning

2. My somewhat picky child decided he loves it and ate almost a whole serving to himself, figures

I can’t even get mad about it, we both had a great breakfast this morning!

I’ve seen a lot of overnight oat recipes and where I find that grains don’t really bothered me I loved that this twist of a traditional Swiss style Bircher Cereal is fairly allergen friendly, omitting the oats altogether.

It was still super filling and the crispness of the asian pears was perfect. I believe it’s traditionally made with apple, and giving how much of a hit it was with my family I’m sure I’ll try it again with apples soon.

I used Bob Redmill’s Paleo Style Muesli which has lots of big coconut chips, dried fruit, seeds and macadamia nut pieces but if you can’t find this brand you could use another grain free, gluten free granola or be creative and make your own with your choice of nuts and seeds and dried fruits. You could change up the spices as well, try nutmeg instead of ginger perhaps. This recipe is awesome in the sense that you really can play around with the ingredients and change it up, keep things fresh!

The other nice thing about omitting the oats is that I found this was actually still nice to eat a day or two after where I’d kind of get turned off by the mushy oats after a day or two of sitting.

It takes literally a couple minutes to mix up and then all you have to do is add it to your jars and storage container and pop it in the fridge overnight and enjoy for a couple of ready to go breakfasts, take that morning hustle! I really hope you enjoy this one as much as my family and I did, and as always if you try it – tag me in your creations at #extraforavocado



Overnight Paleo N’Oats

Grain Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Overnight N’Oats

  • Author: Tanya Bates


2 Cups of Dairy Free Yogurt (I used Vanilla Coconut Yogurt)

2 Grated Asian Pears with Skin On (You can use apple too, my pears were crisp and just right for this recipe)

1/4 Cup of Nut Milk (I used Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk)

1/2 Cup of Bob’s Redmill Paleo Style Muesli (If you don’t have this on hand you can also make your own mixture, using coconut flakes, nuts, seeds and dried fruit)

1/4 Tsp of Ground Cinnamon

1/4 Tsp of Ground Ginger



  1. Wash Pears and grate with skins on
  2. Combine pears and all of ingredients in a medium sized bowl
  3. Transfer to jars, or one large jar/container
  4. Place in fridge and allow to sit overnight


Should make approx 5 servings

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